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A rant: Why I’m mad at Maths

I sat in class as people all around me gazed down at the result of their recent maths test. Disappointed faces everywhere. My face being one of them. The girl next to me had got a big fat 90%. So, why couldn’t I? it’s not as if I didn’t work hard for this test. I […]

My battle with Meat

Two years ago, I became a vegetarian. And I continued to be for about 8 months. And then I stopped. And now?… I originally became vegetarian to lose weight (I know, you don’t have to tell me), but I also did it to grow my empathy towards animals. Why did I not care so much? […]

Living that stress-free life

Stress is one thing that can absolutely plague someone’s life. Whether it be the stress of tomorrow’s test, or of planning an event. But, wait a second, life doesn’t have to be lived with the weight of things to do on your back, does it? Nope. Here are wonderful ways I have discovered over the […]