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My Trip to France

On the 8th of April, my family and I went to V’al D’Isere for the end of 1st term holidays. We arrived to a hotel surrounded by snow, roads, trees and mountains. While the air was cold, the sun was out, shining down on us on the slopes. It took 3 lessons to get back […]

A Mother’s Love

Something happened. Something sad and heart-breaking. But also something eye-opening. Something to do with my Mom. I just wanted to go see a movie, that is all I wanted to do. But, neither my mom norĀ I wanted to do the same things. I needed to get out of the house but, after a long argument, […]

Boarding school entry 2: Girls & Gossips

I was angry. So angry. Bitchiness isn’t uncommon in high school. Especially all-girl high schools. But I had finally settled into my house and thought that I was finally on my way to having these girls as close friends of mine. Family. But life likes to throw in little reminders telling you things aren’t going […]

Living that stress-free life

Stress is one thing that can absolutely plague someone’s life. Whether it be the stress of tomorrow’s test, or of planning an event. But, wait a second, life doesn’t have to be lived with the weight of things to do on your back, does it? Nope. Here are wonderful ways I have discovered over the […]

A rant: Family Favouritism

I was angry and I didn’t know why. I recently had a dream about my brother and I getting into a fight and me getting seriously injured and feeling powerless. In my dream, my mother did nothing and actually supported my brother in ‘defeating’ me. You can imagine the anger I faced towards them the […]

A rant: What irritates me about fame

I’ve started to become more aware of the society that we’re apart of. For one, almost every second person can sing. I say that like it’s a bad thing but, it’s not. What irritates me is that because the music industry is so hard to become apart of, half of those people don’t even get […]

Birthdays, & why I hate them…

I’m not one for material possession. At all. Of course I want shoes and makeup and a laptop but, when it comes to birthdays, I never want any of that stuff. Okay, maybe the shoes. Birthdays are such a special thing when you are little. You get presents, and lots of them, all the attention […]