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The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

What is it? In essence, it is the realisation that your world revolves around you and that what you put out there is what you will receive: Getting what you want: Often there are times in life where you want something really badly but doubt that you are going to get it. The Law of […]

A rant: Why I’m mad at Maths

I sat in class as people all around me gazed down at the result of their recent maths test. Disappointed faces everywhere. My face being one of them. The girl next to me had got a big fat 90%. So, why couldn’t I? it’s not as if I didn’t work hard for this test. I […]

My Trip to France

On the 8th of April, my family and I went to V’al D’Isere for the end of 1st term holidays. We arrived to a hotel surrounded by snow, roads, trees and mountains. While the air was cold, the sun was out, shining down on us on the slopes. It took 3 lessons to get back […]

A Mother’s Love

Something happened. Something sad and heart-breaking. But also something eye-opening. Something to do with my Mom. I just wanted to go see a movie, that is all I wanted to do. But, neither my mom nor I wanted to do the same things. I needed to get out of the house but, after a long argument, […]

My battle with Meat

Two years ago, I became a vegetarian. And I continued to be for about 8 months. And then I stopped. And now?… I originally became vegetarian to lose weight (I know, you don’t have to tell me), but I also did it to grow my empathy towards animals. Why did I not care so much? […]

How 4 week w/o sugar changed my life

It can sound very daunting. 4 weeks without sugar. Weeks. And 4 of them! Well, it is not as terrifying as you think. I recently went 4 weeks cutting out refined sugars with the intention of losing fat, and while I lost fat, I gained some things valuable as a person. Some time during my last […]

Boarding school entry 2: Girls & Gossips

I was angry. So angry. Bitchiness isn’t uncommon in high school. Especially all-girl high schools. But I had finally settled into my house and thought that I was finally on my way to having these girls as close friends of mine. Family. But life likes to throw in little reminders telling you things aren’t going […]