USA Trip Look book

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been so absent, the final year of school is a tough one!

My family and I recently went to America and I thought I would do a look book for you to show the outfits I wore! Enjoy X

Flight clothing – comfy and stretchy

New York New York! The weather was was freezing, so I mostly layered! My outfits usually consisted of a jacket, a jersey, trendy pants and shoes!


Washington DC time! DC was warmer than New York, so I sometimes wore cooler clothing. But a jacket was always on hand in case it got chilly! 


California baby! Cali was a lot warmer so I mostly wore shorts or a t-shirts. Night could be cold though, so at night, my looks consisted of a jersey and a comfy pear of long pants. 


Accessories: My looks were complete with a pair of sunglasses, hoop earrings, and sometimes a nose ring! (P.S. it’s fake!)


It was so much fun experimenting with outfits and jewellery. A lot of shopping was done, including a jacket because I had not anticipated the cold of New York!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! More to come.

R x


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