Finding happiness in a busy world

I started incorporating all of these things into my daily routine. Since then, I feel lighter, more easy going and have a new found appreciation for things. Sometimes, we don’t realise it, but it is the little things that can turn an entire mood around.

  • Meditation

I started meditating December of 2016, and although I have fallen off the track a few times, I have found an inner calm that I did not have before. My meditation times are times for me to completely relax, and slow down during the busyness that is life. It is also a time for me to let go of any negative energy that I am holding in and to completely release the stresses of life. I am in grade 12, where stress is very prevalent, but through meditation I have realised the greater things in life and have learnt not to worry over things such as work and tests, all of that can be done (more effectively) without the added stress.

  • Exercise and eating healthy

I function much better when I am eating healthy and giving my body the energy and nutrition that it needs. I have more energy, am more focused and am willing to participate in more things.

Exercise has become another stress release for me. It is a time for me to be in my own space, and put my energy into working out, releasing all that tension that I had before.

  • Going outdoors

I find, that if I spend too much time indoors, I start feeling down about things. I like to spend as much time outside as I can. Getting fresh air and simply spending time in the sun can change my mood drastically. I also have a new found appreciation for the outdoors. I now love going outside and being surrounded by nature. To me, it is a complete refresher.

  • Gratitude

I recently started writing down the things that I am grateful for in a notebook every night. It can be little things, such as the weather, or something that made you smile that day. This has become one of my favourite things to do at the end my day. I have a new found appreciation for things and now spend my days trying to find things to be grateful for, I am therefore noticing things more, and appreciating things more.

  • Positive affirmations and positive energy

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and we start to doubt ourselves. This is why I constantly give myself positive affirmations throughout the day. Such as You are loved, You are calm, You are happy, Your are beautiful. Repeating things like that constantly, starts to change your attitude towards things completely. No longer do negative thoughts constantly fill my mind because I constantly remind myself that I am in fact happy, calm and beautiful. Also, try to keep positive, do not allow negativity, whether from other people or yourself, to affect your mood and view on things. Do not allow certain things to affect you as a person, or bring you down.

  • The law of attraction

Simply hoping for the best, or being worried about an outcome of something was not an effective way for me to get the things that I wanted out of life. You need to tell yourself that you will get that thing that you are wishing for, such as that job position, or a good grade. Your world revolves around you. So by putting these wishes out there, you are creating a world in which, you getting what you want, is a reality, and you will therefore, with no doubt, strive to getting what you want.

Using all these things in combination really helps me to get out of a low mood. I look around and realise what a beautiful world we all live in. There is a never ending stream of things to be grateful for. And don’t forget to smile and laugh as much as you can!

And remember, Life is something to be lived.

Lots of love, R.


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