What I learnt from 2017

This year for me has been a quick one but, its lessons were bountiful. I truly enjoyed 2017, I grew so much as a person, and can say this as a relief because the past few years have not been too great!

  • Friends are everything

I am lucky enough to have the greatest group of friends imaginable. I would not have had the great year I did without them. They keep me grounded and going during hard times and most importantly, they keep me laughing! Life is far better lived with a group of best friends that go through the motions with you.

  • Stress is unnecessary

I am surrounded by teenage girls who are constantly stating their stress levels, as though it something to be proud of. Well not me. I can say that stress is not something frequented often, and it is a life way better lived. That, and a whole lot of sleep!

  • Honesty is the best policy

I’m not one to keep my mouth shut when I hear something I don’t like. I’m also not afraid to express my opinion or state the obvious (which everyone else is too afraid to state). This way, I don’t keep things festering inside of me. If I want to know something, I’ll ask. If something is bothering me, I’ll address it.

  • Just be yourself already!

I’m geeky, I have flat jokes and I love animals. That is not gonna change. Neither is the way I see the world around other people. And want to know a secret? I am so much happier this way! (Don’t take crap from anybody!)

  • Be the Change you want to see in the world!

If you feel passionate about something, make it known and act on that passion! For example, I am so passionately against animal abuse. In order to make a change, I volunteer at the vet once a week, watch documentaries to educate myself, don’t eat meat if I don’t know where it comes from (or at all) and most importantly, I try to educate others!

  • Healthy body & a healthy mind

This year, a lot of things became more important to me. Such as meditation, yoga, exercise and eating healthy. My mind is so much clearer, and my body healthier. I am happier because of it.

In life, there is always an opportunity to learn more and this year, I took advantage of that. I love the person I have grown into this year. 2017, thank you for the opportunity to do so!


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