The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

What is it?

In essence, it is the realisation that your world revolves around you and that what you put out there is what you will receive:

Getting what you want:

  • Often there are times in life where you want something really badly but doubt that you are going to get it. The Law of Attraction is putting it out there that, you want this particular thing, you will therefore get this particular thing. You cannot doubt that you will receive this particular thing, you have to have 100% faith in yourself, in your positive thinking and in your ability to attract this particular thing.
  • Similarly by positively affirming myself, things have started to become true. Whether is is me realising things to be true, or things becoming true due to my absolute belief in them, things have started to fall into place and workout as I want them to. The mind is more powerful than you think and is able to control certain things in your life. But the first step is thinking positively about things, and believing them to be true. They therefore will be true.
  • When it comes to attracting a certain person into your life, you have to realise that you will receive what you give out. As opposed to simply believing I will get a boyfriend, I will get a boyfriend, you have to embody the person that you wish to attract. You also have to want, not with thought, but with feeling, and feel the feelings you wish to have in this relationship. Do this every night before bed. Acknowledge your strengths and what you can contribute to the relationship, think about what you want in a boyfriend (embody these characteristics in your everyday life), and imagine what feelings you want to feel during this relationship such as butterflies in your stomach, or comfortability with this person. Also tell yourself, I will meet this person, I will meet this person, and make it true.
  • Manifestation is when you think about something that you want in life for 17 seconds. That thought will then carry over into the next 17 seconds. In this, your mindset is changed, and what you want in life, will be received.
  • Journaling is also effective as it can organise all your thoughts and help you to achieve what you want.

To summarise:

Your world revolves around you.

Truly believe that you will get what you want, and that this will be true.

The energy you give out is what you will recieve

Do not doubt the power of your mind, manifestation and the law of attraction.


Lots of Love, R.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” Buddha




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