A rant: Why I’m mad at Maths

I sat in class as people all around me gazed down at the result of their recent maths test. Disappointed faces everywhere. My face being one of them. The girl next to me had got a big fat 90%. So, why couldn’t I? it’s not as if I didn’t work hard for this test. I did. But to no avail. I sat in class, extremely grumpy. I hate maths. And I hate the girl that got 90%! How? I contemplated this for a second… Why exactly am I disappointed at myself? Why am I telling myself to work harder or that I am stupid? Because that is how we are taught to think…

I’m not sure at which exact point I realised that I did not care, but when I did, I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders. Here’s why…

So what if I can’t solve the point of a triangle? I just don’t get it, I don’t. But I can do so much more than that. The idea of learning is such a beautiful thing but, unfortunately has been butchered by the implementation of a linear system. Yes, Maths is such a wonderful tool in growing minds and teaching new ways of thinking. But the fact that we are tested on how to think, makes me angry. I am good at making music, and drawing, and writing… but maths? It’s just something I am not good at. Myself and many others. So why do all of us right-brainers feel so down when getting those results back? I’ll tell you why: In school, academically, you have to be an allrounder. Good at your chosen subjects, English, your chosen additional language, and Mathematics. But for many, that’s not a realistic acquirement.

Being able to find does not define your worth, nor does it prove to you that you are dumb. People think in different ways and the fact that we are forced to achieve in a linear-minded manner, is not sustainable. Depression in schools is ever-growing, and it’s mindsets such as this, that only enhances it. So what if I can’t solve the length of line AB? I can do so much more! I want to do so much more! With the field I want to go into, I don’t need to be able to solve that non-existent length. Sure, engineers, doctors, scientists need to be able to, but then why do so many fields require Maths of such a high level?

I am not dumb, and my low mark does not reflect how hard I work either. It just proves me to be more creative than I am analytical. And thank god for that. Imagine we all thought the same. What a boring world that would be…


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