My Trip to France

On the 8th of April, my family and I went to V’al D’Isere for the end of 1st term holidays.

The trip started with an 11 and then 2 hour flight to the skiing town. Our drive up the mountain was a 3 hours long with beautiful views of mountainous landscapes, and strolling people.

We arrived to a hotel surrounded by snow, roads, trees and mountains. While the air was cold, the sun was out, shining down on us on the slopes.

It took 3 lessons to get back into the edge of gliding down snow-covered slopes.

It didn’t take long for the bruises to become too unbearable to endure, and for me and my Mom to go wondering off into the small village next to our lodging. April Christmas-lights were gleaming, tired skiers were trudging, and warm food was calling. We spent a few nights in the village devouring the foods of France.


As our skiing abilities increased, I learnt to wonder off onto the different slopes, finding myself on some slopes intended, some slopes not, fearing for my life!
With many slopes on offer, we lunched at one of the mountain-top restaurants on one of the days, with blinding sun in our eyes

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With breaks in-between the skiing, late afternoons were sometimes spent in outdoor jacuzzis and bus rides around the village to the stores of V’al D’Isere.

Our last night in V’al D’Isere was perfectly ended with performance watching, and dancing amongst ecstatic people.

With the beginning of my holidays having started with job-shadowing and art portfolio lessons, this skiing trip was the perfect way to take a break. Which made it all the more harder to get back into school! The trip’s family fights made no difference to my feeling of home-sickness that first week back at school. The burning calves, bruised shins, panic-stricken moments and bickering, were all worth it and part of the most wonderful holiday!

Check out the trip’s video here, give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel & don’t forget to share !


lots of love X





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