My battle with Meat

Two years ago, I became a vegetarian. And I continued to be for about 8 months. And then I stopped. And now?…

I originally became vegetarian to lose weight (I know, you don’t have to tell me), but I also did it to grow my empathy towards animals. Why did I not care so much? How could I just eat all of these, once living, beings? So I became vegetarian. Then I moved to boarding school and things got harder. I obviously wasn’t getting the right nutrients in the foods I was getting at school , nor from the supplements I was taking. Or rather lack thereof. Stopping was very hard. My empathy towards animals had definitely grown. But, I was having all of these cravings and my injuries were not healing fully or taking a very long time to do so. So I stopped. Despite all of the cracks and jokes made by my peers of the once vegetarian new girl.

I was fine with being a meat eater, up until last week. Last week, I decided to watch the documentary Earthlings. Ever heard of it? Well, I had through a vegan friend I once had. I didn’t want to watch it at the time because, I hate seeing all the gore and blood of those documentaries. But, being reminded of it while watching the documentary Cowspiracy, I decided to watch it.

I cried. Out of sadness, out of disgust, out of horror. Several times, I had to look away because I couldn’t face how these animals were being treated. I then and there decided to never touch meat. Not when this is how I get the meat. Through torture and pain. Now, I’m not an expert on how humans are supposed to eat but, I believe that when you teach your body to function a certain way, gain energy from certain foods or without certain foods, your body adapts. My mom did, however, point out that people with my blood type, are meat eaters. It is needed for my particular body. I do believe that if I taught my body to function without meat, it would be able to do just that. I however, happen to enjoy meat, happen to want to be able to indulge in all of the food groups. The amount of meat (and diary) eaten by humans today, however, has increased exponentially. We are eating too much. I was eating too much.

So, what have I decided to do? Well, no, I will not support the mistreatment of animals in  factory farms by contributing to these factories’ incomes. And, no, I am not going to eat meat at school. Nor am I going to eat meat of any kind (including poultry and seafood), when I don’t know exactly where the meat comes from, when I don’t know exactly how the animal I am eating, was treated. I refuse to be apart of this cycle of abuse, where we humans think we are more important than the other species, on this same earth, with us.

So, will I ever eat meat again? Yes! My battle with meat and the food industry has come to this: I only eat meat from places that treat the animals humanely. From places that care. Simple. This way, I will not only be reducing my meat intake but, I will also be playing a small part in contributing to the well-being of animals… and so can you. If you care enough to make a change, do it. And know you are making a difference, making a change in the direction of happy, long-lived lives, for all.


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