How 4 week w/o sugar changed my life

It can sound very daunting. 4 weeks without sugar. Weeks. And 4 of them! Well, it is not as terrifying as you think.

I recently went 4 weeks cutting out refined sugars with the intention of losing fat, and while I lost fat, I gained some things valuable as a person.

Some time during my last few months of school last year, I decided to cut refined sugars out of my diet. I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember and thought this to be a good way to lose a lot of body fat as well as get my body used to eating healthy again (which I was successful at, at one point in my life).

For weeks I tried to start this new way of eating but, to no avail. Eventually, one week sugar-free went by and I was more confident than ever.

With the aid of tea, water and fruit, I blasted through the 4 weeks as though they were a breeze (although, I will admit, it felt longer than 4 weeks and not to mention, this was during my November exams!). Finally I reached the end and decided to treat myself. Well, that treat lasted the whole of December holidays. Yes, I fell of the health wagon. I had lost that control I had over my body! I was determined to get it back.

So, just before school started in January, I began my 8 week refined-sugars-free journey. You thought 4 weeks was long?

Surprisingly after the first couple of weeks, it became easy. Apart of my lifestyle. The house fridge was stocked with cold meats and vegetables. As the weeks went, I incorporated more and more things into my diet such as weening back on the milk in my tea! Eventually, all of it became the way I ate. After the 8 weeks I once again decided to treat myself. This time with a look of distaste on my face as I realised the hype of sugar, was dead to me. My sugar free dark chocolate was way better than this junk (pun intended).

My body feels lighter, cleaner and I am never going back. This does not mean I am going to restrict myself because that equals an unhealthy lifestyle (and possibly a future binge). But rather teach my body that mango tastes better and is better than that sweet you only get two chews out of. But of course, if I truly want that slice of cake, I’ll eat that slice of cake. Although, the best part of this is, I probably won’t want to in the first place! I have all the Carb Clever ice-cream in the world.

My point? Everyone should choose this lifestyle. Sugar is an only slightly recognised devil and we ought to take back control of our bodies and our health. It might be hard at first but, feed your body clean fuel in order to function properly. Respect yourself and your body enough. (Plus, do you know where all that junk food stuff comes from? Gross!)

On top of that, I lost 16kg too. Score!


(p.s. sorry I haven’t been posting lately, more posts to come xxx)


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