Living that stress-free life

Stress is one thing that can absolutely plague someone’s life. Whether it be the stress of tomorrow’s test, or of planning an event.

But, wait a second, life doesn’t have to be lived with the weight of things to do on your back, does it? Nope.

Here are wonderful ways I have discovered over the years, of relieving yourself of that stress, pretty permanently:


This is the most important thing to have in life as a teenager or as a working person. If you have an assignment or presentation due the next week, start working on it as soon as you can (even the day you get it) because due-dates have a way of catching up to you.

Another thing to do is to incorporate making your own notes of the work given to you as part of your homework. This way, you don’t have to stress about making notes (and understanding the work which note-making helps with) and studying because you’ve already done half of the work (and no, making notes does not count as studying…).


This sounds like a pretty simple and trivial point but, believe me when I say, it is very crucial. Without sleep, you don’t have the energy to do anything, motivation to do your work and are too tired to concentrate. And you need all of these things (energy, motivation and concentration) in order to work efficiently, so get to sleep!

Get outside & do something:

Go outside and breath in some fresh air, take in some sunlight and get away from the four walls of your room. Exercise is also important in this point as it gets your body active, takes your mind off of things and gives yourself something to do as opposed to sitting in your room, pondering life and getting yourself anxious about unnecessary things.


Drinking tea is such a wonderful way of relaxing! It warms your body up and will calm you down almost instantly with its comforting warmth and taste.




Ever since I got  into Transcendental Meditation, my mind has become more aware of the world and at the same time more relaxed about it. Meditation is a great way to calm your mind down and get you to relaxing all aspects of your body and give you calmness, clarity, energy and focus!

Take a break:

Sometimes you just need to take a break from all the work, and read a book or a magazine. If you need that break, take it, have a warm bath and focus on yourself relaxing.


Lastly, friends. Friends are the best in understanding how you feel and therefore how to make you feel better. Whether it be a weekend with the girls (or guys) or a group study session (more like non-study session), spend that time with your friends and get yourself to laughing and realising you’re not alone in this.

The most important thing to remember is that you can get all your work done without having to stress! Who needs stress when you can have a relaxing, enjoyable life to live! Sip on that tea and enjoy the moment you’re in…




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