Tips & Tricks on staying healthy in the holidays

During the holidays, following a health regime can be difficult. So here are a few easy and simple tips and tricks you can follow in order to help you with sticking to your health plans without denying yourself of those delicious holiday treats.

Drink lemon water throughout the day

Get a glass of cold or warm water and squeeze a half of a lemon into it. Lemon water is great for cleansing the body. Drink a cold glass of lemon water in the morning before your first meal in order to jumpstart your metabolism. Then continue to drink glasses if cold or warm lemon water throughout the day.

Drink green tea

Along with drinking lemon water, drink decaf green tea as another method of cleansing out your body.

Drink water before you snack on the bad stuff

I’m not talking about drinking water before you eat a proper meal but, boredom can get the best of us sometimes. If you feel like eating something even though you know you’re not hungry, drink a glass of water to either full you up or satisfy the thirst you mistook for hunger (do this when you want to bored-eat, or are craving something sweet).

Drink water after you eat something sweet

So you dug into a slice of that chocolate cake. Firstly, don’t hate yourself. It was damn good! Secondly, drink a glass of water afterwards to prevent an  of the cake. Water will slightly dilute the sugar now in your system and will fill your stomach up preventing a cake refill. Try to drink as much water as possible after eating a treat to cleanse out your body.

Use fruit as a sweet substitute

If you are craving something sweet, grab an apple as opposed to a candy bar. Try and satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh fruit as much as possible. Although don’t deny yourself if you definitely want that slice of cake. Go for it!

Treat yourself with something that is worth it

As opposed to grabbing a toffee bar or something, go out and get yourself the best ice-cream you can find. That way you can truly enjoy what you are snacking on because it is worth it. Don’t forget to eat is as slowly as possible, savour it and truly enjoy it!

Stay active

Go outside, climb a hill, ride a bike… stay active as much as possible to keep your body moving and using as much energy as possible. Be outside as much as possible as well. Sweat. Try to exercise even for just 15 minutes a day as well. Make sure that your body does not fall out of the exercise habit because it can be very hard to get back into. And whenever you’re just sitting around or watching tv, grab your little weights and start lifting while you watch. Keep your body moving whenever you can.

Be satisfied after very meal

This can be done by incorporating protein in every meal as well as incorporating as much fruits and vegetables as possible. Get your body full of that fibre as  well as rich in vitamins and minerals. And don’t forget to snack in-between meals! Specifically on foods with healthy fats such as almonds as well as adding in these good fats, such as avocado, to your meals.

Remember to enjoy yourself over the holiday and don’t be too pedantic over your eating. This will just spoil the holiday for you. Relax and take care of your body. That’s all there is to it.



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