A rant: What irritates me about fame

I’ve started to become more aware of the society that we’re apart of. For one, almost every second person can sing. I say that like it’s a bad thing but, it’s not. What irritates me is that because the music industry is so hard to become apart of, half of those people don’t even get recognised. This is because the music industry, along with the movie industry, are built on people’s susceptibility to fame.

The wrong people are getting recognised. And why? Why as opposed to our teachers and animal rights activists, are reality television stars getting noticed? What is so important about them? Here’s what gets me: We’re all just people, no matter who you are or what you do, you’re a person and should be recognised as one. I don’t believe that anyone should be higher than another person. We’re all equals, so why can’t we act like it.?

So many people out there are talented and I believe that everyone should get a chance to do what they love. Whether you become a famous musician or not, is based on the reaction of a target market. But, shouldn’t music be about just that? The music? As opposed to the people making it? If your way of self expression is through the way you link notes or the way you view things through a paint brush, so be it. Let the art speak for you, as opposed to your social media accounts.

Sure, many musicians and actors out there are really good looking but, so are so many other people out there and it irritates me how many people are recognised because of their good looks. For example models. My problem is when it’s easier for a homeless person to be spotted by chance to become one, than a perfectly beautiful individual trying their best to get the best portfolio. Don’t you think it’s sad that the children of the current world are looking up to these models, aspire to be them, as opposed to aspiring to be the people that actually make society function, like doctors? Are we teaching these children that celebrities are more important than our fire fighters? We’re all beautiful, we’re all talented in some way, and we should all be recognised for it. Every single person doing their part in this world. People should rather be driven by the love or passion for something, than the fame or money something brings. We’re not recognising people’s souls anymore. Is being famous and being good looking more important than being a good person? Enough with the fame.

We’re all human. And that should be good enough.


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