Cute ideas for decorating rooms


In any room in your house, photos are a great way to add something more to the room. A good idea would be to use a few of the same image, next to or above each other in order to emphasise the length of the wall. This way, the room looks longer. This can be done as opposed to using images with sizes that do not compliment the direction of the wall. Or even just simply using many different images in the same way. Using pictures is also a way of making use of the blank space of a wall, and creating more of a look of a room that is filled with stuff (and not empty).

Plants are also a fun way to fill up the space in almost any room. One can use any shape and size when using plants but (if using small plants) make sure to not to make use of too little or too many (or if using larger plants). The colour of the plot is also important in creating a colour scheme or going against the colour scheme.


Dining rooms can be quite hard to decorate. One idea would be to place a large item of decoration any where in the room, to create a boldness about the room. Who using darker tones, dining rooms can tend to be seen as dark. By placing an object of gold, or silver or any neutral colour, the room automatically livens up.

Corner fireplace- snapshot.jpg

In order to create an environment of comfort and homeliness, one can make use of as much of the space in a room as possible (without overcrowding the room, of course). An idea would be to make use of are spaces underneath stair cases or vast corner spaces. This can be done by creating spaces of comfort, such as a little library, or a fireplace with pillows or sofa chairs. This is my favourite one by far. Don’t forget the lighting because corners can be dark!

Pillows and pillows are essential in creating a home of comfort (obviously) and simply creating a warm environment (as a home should be). Depending on the colour scheme of one’s home, colourful pillows are perfect in doing this. Or even simply a mixture of large and small pillows of neutral colours. But don’t forget to use size combinations!

Happy designing… 🙂


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