Birthdays, & why I hate them…

I’m not one for material possession. At all. Of course I want shoes and makeup and a laptop but, when it comes to birthdays, I never want any of that stuff. Okay, maybe the shoes.

Birthdays are such a special thing when you are little. You get presents, and lots of them, all the attention is on you, you get cake and birthday messages and you have parties where everyone gets you something and writes you a card and you spend the day getting spoiled and eating. But, as you grow older, how you spend your birthday changes. I stopped getting barbie dolls, and started getting iPads. Why did I hate that so much? Was I being ungrateful? Absolutely not, I am so grateful to my parents for buying me such an expensive gift. But, not a lot of effort goes into buying an iPad (besides having to face the new burned hole in your pocket) right?

My birthday was recently and I made it clear to my mom that I did NOT want a new computer, or a new phone, and that all I wanted was a couple books and to spend the weekend by the beach. And that’s exactly what I got (besides the fact that it was raining the whole time). So, why did I go to bed feeling… nothing.? I didn’t feel that same excitement as I did when I was younger, in fact, I just wanted the day to end the whole time, I wanted people to forget that it was my birthday. But, it felt like they already had…I know, I sound attention seeking but, let me explain why…

The other day was my friend’s birthday. So, her mom and a couple of her family members came to school for a picnic (boarder life). Along with them came makeup and perfume and an apple watch (which’s colour she didn’t like) and a new laptop and laptop covers and a Fitbit and costumes and tops and to end it off, Timberlands. A couple days later (a few days ago) my friend’s mom got her a huge gift basket and balloon filled with food, and who knows what else, to wish her luck for exams. Is it just me, or are the people I’m surrounded by really spoilt? Well, yes, absolutely but, it’s my first year at boarding school too, why did I not get a gift basket and it was my birthday the other day as well, why did I not get all the clothes (reiterating my dislike for technological birthday gifts)? I came to the conclusion that I simply want to be recognised. By people putting in the effort, whether it be wishing you luck for exams or making you a birthday card, it really shows that they thought about you on that day.

So, is it too much to ask for a handmade card, a ballon with writing, singing happy birthday at a restaurant? Is it too much to ask for a jar filled with little dark chocolates, or a bath bomb for that night? Am I being selfish wanting to be appreciated for one day? Maybe I am. Maybe we are all selfish for wanting birthdays to be that way. Because we all want to know that we are important and loved and that we make a difference to the people who’s lives we are in.

Is that so bad?


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