Boarding school entry 1

I just saw my mom this weekend. I now miss her more than before the weekend out. Whenever I come back to school, I always just get into things but, when I go out, it is hard to get back into the system. I miss the comfort of my bed, the lightness of the rooms, my dogs and cat, the garden, the TVs. Mostly, I just miss my parents. The people. I miss the people.

How can I overcome this:

I have to stop thinking about the past, and I have to focus on the now. This present moment.

This will also help me when I’m feeling really low. I get low when I feel bored. I then start to think about all the things I could be doing at home… I need to work on mindfulness. Like I said before, focus on the now.. But, it’s harder than it sounds. My mind always get distracted and I start to think about other things, which lead back to me thinking about what my could’ve been like. Should I have boarded?..


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