Monthly Archives: November 2016

A rant: What irritates me about fame

I’ve started to become more aware of the society that we’re apart of. For one, almost every second person can sing. I say that like it’s a bad thing but, it’s not. What irritates me is that because the music industry is so hard to become apart of, half of those people don’t even get […]

Cute ideas for decorating rooms

In any room in your house, photos are a great way to add something more to the room. A good idea would be to use a few of the same image, next to or above each other in order to emphasise the length of the wall. This way, the room looks longer. This can be […]

Birthdays, & why I hate them…

I’m not one for material possession. At all. Of course I want shoes and makeup and a laptop but, when it comes to birthdays, I never want any of that stuff. Okay, maybe the shoes. Birthdays are such a special thing when you are little. You get presents, and lots of them, all the attention […]

Boarding school entry 1

I just saw my mom this weekend. I now miss her more than before the weekend out. Whenever I come back to school, I always just get into things but, when I go out, it is hard to get back into the system. I miss the comfort of my bed, the lightness of the rooms, […]